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Programme Schedule

Sherry has created this "13.10 Listening Room" inspired by "All the Light We Cannot See", a Pulitzer-winning book by Anthony Doerr which also won the 2014 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Hitorical Fiction. The novel was recently adapted by Netflix and turned into a film of the same name. You can read the synopsis of the book here. Skip to programme schedule here and latest info on the latest upcoming episode here.


From July 2024 (first show on American Independence Day, midday 5 July 2024 in New Zealand), Sherry (and sometimes Zoe too) aims to do regular readings of music, poetry, philosophy, and other literary works (already in public domain and out of copyright) LIVE on a chosen online audio platform (with no replay), to share new and old ideas in the digital age where information comes far too easily and readily. She aims to bring back the nostalgia and excitement of live radio broadcast (different from social audio), touch the hearts of her listeners and bring them hope through the beauty of the selected works.

More details to come soon! You will also be able to find a schedule and link on this page.

The first book we will share will be "The Light We Cannot See", one chapter at a time. Listeners are welcome to submit book titles and a short piece of classical music to be played which will go on the wish list for future readings. 

You can find the streaming link here at Sherry's online radio station "Next Golden Age", and when she's not broadcasting, her own piano recordings will be streaming 24/7 (right now her Scriabin recordings from 2020-2022). Apart from "13.10 Listening Room" there is plan for more different programmes in the near future.

Book List:

(1) All the Light We Cannot See (Anthony Doerr, 2014)

(2) 20000 Leagues Under the Sea (Jules Verne, 1871)

Poetry List:

(1) The Collected Poems by Katherine Mansfield (Edited by Gerri KimberClaire Davison)

Auto DJ Music List:

(1) Claude Debussy: Clair de Lune (1890)

(2) Alexander Scriabin: Selected Works (played by Sherry Grant)

​(3) Music by Marion Bauer & Florence Price


*Episode 1: A Celebration of American Independence Day (4 July)

- Friday 5th July 2024​ 10am  (replays 10pm and Sunday 10am)

- American novel reading: Part Zero of "All the Light We Cannot See" by Anthony Doerr (USA)

- American poetry reading: W H Auden "Funeral Blues", Emily Dickinson "Wild Nights - Wild Nights" and Abraham Lincoln "My Childhood-Home I See Again"

​- Reading of world haiku by Pamela A. Babusci (USA), Don Baird (USA), Linda L Ludwig (USA), Kathabela Wilson (USA), Elizabeth Crocket (Canada) and Zoe Grant (NZ)

- Music: Claude Debussy "Clair de Lune", Marion Bauer "Prelude in D for the Left Hand Op.15 No.1", Marion Bauer "Prelude in A minor Op.15 No.2", Florence Price "Thumbnail Sketches of A Day in the Life of a Washerwoman" mvt 1 "Morning" performed by Sherry Grant (NZ)

- News: NZ pianist Sherry Grant and Dutch violist Emlyn Stam will perform Vio-Latino (10 world premieres) on their South American concert tour 17-30 July 2024

*Episode 2: A Celebration of Argentinian Independence Day (9 July)

- Friday 12th July 2024 10am (replays 10pm and Sunday 10am)

- Argentinian short story/prose reading: "The Cicular Ruins" (from "Labyrinths") and "Borges and I" and "Dreamtigers" by Jorge Luis Borges (Argentina)

- Argentinian poetry reading: Susana Chevasco "Baby, You Pose No More", Roberto Ferro "I think of a pine tree..." and "a crack..."

- Other poem: "Mirror" by Denise O'Hagan (Australia)

Reading of world haiku by Kala Ramesh (India), Wilda Morris (USA), Pravat Kumar Padhy (India), Tom Bierovic (USA), David He Zhuanglang (China), John Pappas (USA and Valorie Broadhurst Woerdehoff (USA)

- Music: Claude Debussy "La fille aux cheveux de lin", Andrew Llyod Webber "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" (from Evita), Por Una Cabeza and Astor Piazzolla "Oblivion"

- News: (1) World Choir Game (Auckland, NZ in July 2024) with comments from NZ composers Chris Artley and David Hamilton, (2) Alto Nova Duo's Vio-Latino South American concert tour with comments from Dutch violist Emlyn Stam, (3) Fulton Summer Music Academy with comments from director Addison C. Teng (USA/Taiwan) about masterclasses and (4) Online Rengay Reading in August and International Rengay Gathering in September (Guest speaker - John Pappas) 

Latest Episode

*Episode 3: Vio-Latino in South America (18 July)

- Friday 19th July 2024 10am (replays 10pm and Sunday 10am), Campinas, Brazil time 7pm & 7am

- Dutch violist Emlyn Stam and NZ pianist Sherry Grant introduce Vio-Latino, followed by words by all 10 composers of Vio-Latino: Moshe Knoll, Barbara Varassi Pega, Marius Diaz, Daniel Rojas, Luis Saglie, Polo Piatti, Andrian Pertout, Martin Musaubach (明馬丁), Silvina Milstein and Jean Kleeb

- Haiku reading from Day 2 of 2023 KM100NZ Festival by 30 haiku poets: 

31.Nayomi Amarasinghe (Sri Lanka)

32.Neena Singh (India)

33.Nicoletta Ignatti (Italy)

34.Nina Kovacic (Croatia)

35.Preeti Sharma (India)

36.Pris Cambell (USA)

37.Radhika De Silva (Sri Lanka)

38.Richard Harrow (UK)

39.Roohallah Ghasemi (Iran)

40.Ruth Happel (USA)

41.Sharmila Bandunee Danwatta (Sri Lanka)

42.Stefanie Bucifal (Germany)

43.Stoianka Boianova (Bulgaria)

44.Subhashini Jayatilake (Australia)

45.Swarna Bopali (Sri Lanka)

46.wanda amos (Australia)

47.Adele Evershed (USA)

48.Astrid Egger (Canada)

49.Barbara Strang (NZ)

50.Bidyut Prabha Gantayat (India)

51.Bittor Duce Zubillaga (Basque Country)

52.Bronwyn Bryant (NZ)

53.Dan C. Julian (Romania)

54.Dragica Ohashi (Japan)

55.Ed Bremson (USA)

56.Hiranthi Sellahewa (Sri Lanka)

57.James Penha (Indoneisa)

58.Jean-Claude Lin (Germany)

59.Jenny Shepherd (UK)

60.Jerome Berglund (USA)

- Music: (1) Daniel Rojas: Navegar Tango for Viola (performed by violist Aidan Filshie & pianist Daniel Rojas) (2) Prelude from Villa-Lobos’ Bachianas Brasileiras No.4 for piano solo, played by Sherry Grant) (3) Martin Musaubach: On Love (performed by 9m88, GcWabe & Musa 明馬丁)

- News: (1) 49th International Viola Congress, Campinas, Brazil (17-21 July 2024) (2) Online Rengay Reading on 10 August 9-11am NZ time and 7th International Rengay Gathering on 15th of September 9-11am (Guest speaker - John Pappas) (3) Haiku Down Under online conference (16-18 August 2024) 

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