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Last Updated on 14 January 2022

Zoe Grant

About Me

Welcome to my webpage!

My name is Zoe Grant, and I am a 7-year-old haiku poet from Auckland, New Zealand. I am also a ballerina and flautist.

I am the illustrator and co-author of 'Bat Girl' poetry book. I wrote the book with my mother Sherry Grant in 2020 when I was 6 years old.

At the Drifting Sands Poetry Hub, you can read a bit more about my poetry journey in the form of haibun.

Also you can read our interviews at the Great Margin (UK) and CAP Arts Centre (Northern Ireland).

Haiku & Senryu

snowy night --

the smell of

hot soup

-- Zoe Grant, first prize winning haiku at 2021 NZPS International Haiku Competition (Junior/School Section), also published in 2021 NZPS Anthology

I was very lucky to have won the first prize at a haiku competition in 2021, with a haiku written at school during my mum's poetry club. I even illustrated it when I first wrote the poem.

After that I wrote more poems so I can publish a solo haiku collection of 100 haiku. I submitted to many journals when my mum submitted her poems too and some of my poems got published!

A few more examples of my published haiku below.

school swings

only pigeons


-- first published at Stardust Haiku Journal, Issue 58, November 2021


designer pants

grandma sews the holes

back up

-- first published at Failed Haiku, Number 6, Issue 71, November 2021




giving out candies

on zoom

-- first published at Haiku Dialogue, 2021-11-03

Chalk on the Walk Haiku

My mum and I started Chalk on the Walk Haiku Facebook Group at the end of August 2021, in the middle of a very long Auckland lockdown. 

We enjoy bringing great haiku to the world by chalking and illustrating them outside our house, which has a long sidewalk. When fully chalked with haiku, there can be up to about 12 poems at a time, until the rain comes or we scrub if down with water, by hand! At some point we would like to get a water blaster to make our lives easier...

We accept submission of up to 3 haiku and/or haiga/shahai per month from each poet (or they can share directly on the Facebook group page) with a short bio and any blog links/social media accounts (up to 5 but optional).


Chalk on the Walk Monoku

In the middle of September 2021, my sister Rebecca and I decided also start chalking monoku on our sidewalk separately, so we started Chalk on the Walk Monoku Facebook Group to share this unique form of one-line haiku. Rebecca and I have written a monoku sequence together which will get published at an anthology in Peru. I will add the poem (and its Spanish translation) here after publication.

Submission can be sent to:


Bat Girl Book

In my first book Bat Girl, my mum and I wrote some poems in the short form and longer forms like sonnet. I did all the illustration including the book cover.

An example from the book:

snoring is boring

stranger beside you


This was my favourite haiku in the book.

Another example is a nonaku, a short poetry form invented by my mum in September 2021. My big sister Emily Grant made the logo for nonaku. Isn't it cool?

Blanket Fish

(a nonaku)

out of water

swims a speical fish


life by

a little girl

waving invisible magic wand

imagination running rampant

blanket fish



After publishing my first poetry book Bat Girl, I have been actively involved in the international haiku community and written many linked poems (mostly rengay) with my mum and her poet friends.

I co-hosted two "Rengay Under the Moon" gatherings in September 2021 and attended the rengay session at Haiku North America in October 2021.

Many of my haiku and rengay have been published at journals and anthologies around the world. Below is a rengay that I wrote with the inventor of rengay, Garry Gay and my mum, who translated it into traditional Chinese for publication.

Between the Petals

a 3-person rengay

by Garry Gay (USA) + Zoe Grant (NZ) + Sherry Grant (NZ) (Op.2489) 2021-09-18


sticky monkey flower

a checker-spot butterfly

colors the wind                          gg



everywhere                                zg


right on time

for a hot Christmas

pohutukawa                               sg 


fairy lanterns

brighten the mountain path     gg


dripping honey

under the sun ☀️ 

kōwhai blossoms                       zg 


parrots fight among

kakabeak flowers                       sg



作者:蓋瑞·貴(美國)+ 陳紫瑄(紐西蘭)+ 火の鳥(紐西蘭)





替微風上色                            (蓋)



龍頭花                                    (陳)




聖誕節                                    (火)



照亮山間小道                        (蓋)




溢出的蜂蜜                            (陳)



花叢中搏鬥                            (火)

-- first published at the Bamboo Hut Journal, Number 3 2021

My mum and I are planning to publish an annual rengay anthology, organise a new international annual rengay contest, and rengay gatherings in March and September each year.

2022 will be the 30th birthday of rengay so we are currently preparing the wikipedia entry for rengay.

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