Sunday 2021-05-01 9:30pm-11:30pm NZST

Sherry Grant


New Zealand Piano Music

Host: Anna Bernada Teklic (Croatia/Germany)

Piano Solo/Poetry Reading: Sherry Grant (NZ)


Sherry Live Piano Avengers Performance Programme 

Sun 9:30-11pm 2022-05-01 NZ time, dedicated to all family and friends born in May

  • Poem: Under Attack (Op.3304) written 2022-04-30

  • David Hamilton: Love River (from “Four Kaohsiung Impressions", 2016) 

  • David Hamilton: Rush-hour Traffic (from “Postcards from Taipei”, 2019) 

  • David Hamilton: Water Haiku (2014) 

  • Douglas Lilburn (1915-2001): Prelude I (from Four Preludes, 1944) 

  • Gordon McBeth (1885-1951): An Idyll (1941) 

  • John Charles: Five Little Pieces (1985)

    • I: Stroll

    • II: Blues 

    • III: Air 

    • IV: Boogie

    • V: Farewell

  • Alfred Hill (1869-1960): The Taniwha (from Loose Leaves, 1935)

  • Frank Hutchens (1892-1965): Two Little Birds (ca. 1944) 

  • Mary Brett (1887-1974): Nocturne

  • Anthony Ritchie: Disconbobulation (2020) 

  • Anthony Ritchie: The Birds Laugh at My Melancholy (2020) 

  • Robert Adam Horne (1869-1956): Intermezzo (from Jours passés: Bygone Days) (ca.1911)

  • Dorothea Franchi (1920-2003): Variations on a 12-note theme 

  • Ronald Tremain (1923-1988): 2nd Bagatelle from “two bagatelles” (1949)

  • Alfred Hill (1869-1960): Prelude “Through a Veil of Mist” 

  • Ronald Tremain (1923-1988): Sleigh Ride from “Eight Children’s Pieces for Pianoforte” (1965-78) 

  • Ronald Tremain (1923-1988): Ghosts from “Eight Children’s Pieces for Pianoforte” (1965-78) 

  • Hugo Vernon Anson (1794-1958): Gravement from Saraband

  • Warwick Braithwaite (1896-1971): Fragment

  • David Griffiths: With Me (No.2 from Three Canons) (1990)

  • Alfred Hill (1869-1960): The Poet Dreams (from “Loose Leaves”) (ca.1935)

  • Thomas Goss: 2-4th from Preludes for a rainy day… (1990)

    • 2. Elegy

    • 3: Snowdrops

    • 4: Leaves Are Falling

  • Poem: How You Had Me Fooled, written on 2022-04-28

2021-04-13 10-11:30am NZST

Troubadour from Down Underpresents

Franco-Russian Music Part 1

Host: Anna Bernada Teklic (Croatia/Germany)

Piano Solo/Poetry Reading: Sherry Grant (NZ)



Sherry Live Piano Avengers Performance Programme Wed 10-11am 2022-04-13

(Franco-Russian Part 1, a tribute to Prokofiev for his birthday in April)


  • Poem: You Give Me Light (Op.3298) written 2022-04-12

  • Debussy: Clair de Lune

  • Poulenc: Intermezzo No.2

  • Satie: Nocturne No.2 (from 3 nocturnes)

  • Massenet: Melodie (Op.10, No.5)

  • Ravel: Pavane for a Dead Princess

  • Messiaen: Prelude No.1

  • Lyadov: Prelude Op.11 No.1 (Moderato)

  • Prokofiev: Tales of the Old Grandmother (Op.31)

  • Alkan: La Vision (No.1 from Esquisses, Op.63)

  • Scriabin: Etude (Op.2, No.1) from 3 Morceaux

  • Scriabin: Prelude (Op.2, No.2) from 3 Morceaux

  • Scriabin: Impromptu à la Mazur (Op.2, No.3) from 3 Morceaux

  • Saint-saens: Swan (cello, with Lobos on guitar)

  • Poem: My Heart Lands on a Buttercup (Op.3264) written on 2022-03-05

Troubadour from Down Under
in celebration of
World Piano Day 2022

(charity concert for Ukraine)

streaming from Auckland, NZ

Date: 29 March 2022
London time: 10pm
New York time: 5pm
Pacific time: 2pm
NZ time: 10am, 30 March 2022
Recital Programme
Host: Anna Bernada Teklic (Croatia/Germany)

Piano Solo/Poetry Reading: Sherry Grant (NZ)

present music from

Ukraine (Valentin Silvestrov 1937-)
Russia (Alexander N. Scriabin 1872-1915
Pyotr Tchaikovsky 1840-1893
Sergei Rachmaninoff 1873-1943
Modest Mussorgsky 1839-1881)
Serbia (Miloje Milojević 1884-1946)
Croatia (Ferdo Livadić 1799-1879
Dora Pejačević 1885-1923)


* Poem: Sing Me A Song (Op.2579)


Silvestrov 4 pieces (Op.2, No.1) Lullaby

Silvestrov 4 pieces (Op.2, No.2) Pastorale

Silvestrov 4 pieces (Op.2, No.3) Bagatelle

Silvestrov 4 pieces (Op.2, No.4) Postludium

* Poem: Mystic Garden (Op.1121, a nonaku)


Scriabin Nocturne Op.5, No.1

Scriabin Nocturne Op.5, No.2

* Poem: Come Out, Come Out (Op.3163)

Milojević Dans le jardin (Op.23, No.4)

* Poem: October (Op.68)

Tchaikovsky October (from the Seasons, Op.37)

* Poem: Night Music (Op.2202, a rengay)

Livadić Notturno

* Poem (Desire, Op.1217, a nonaku)

Scriabin 2 Morceaux Op.57, No.1: Desir

Scriabin 2 Morceaux Op.57, No.2: Caresse dansée

* Poem: Tender Caress (Op.1218, a nonaku)


Pejačević Forget-me-nots (Op.19, No.4)

Pejačević Barcarolle (Op.4)

Pejačević Song Without Words (Op.10)

* Poem: Tears on her Cheeks (Op.3287)

Rachmaninoff Zdes’ Khorosho (Where Beauty Dwells)

(Op.21, No.9, Melody)

* Poem: Sadness in their Eyes (Op.3160)

Mussorgsky Great Gate of Kiev (from Pictures at an Exhibition)

* Poem: enso (Op.3096)


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