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About me

Sherry Grant, originally from Taiwan, is a NZ classical musician (performing cellist/pianist/collaborate pianist) who also recently turned a poet.


Her recent projects included ‘War and Peace’ Arts & Music Festival (May 2019) and ‘100 Years Journey’ Concert Tour (October 2019) in which music, arts and poetry all got combined.


In 2019, Sherry organised 14 concerts, performed in 12 and 10 of which were with principal violists from USA and NZ.


Sherry only started her journey of poetry writing since June 2020 and at time of publication of this book, she has written over 1050 poems in various poetry forms, with 40 poems accepted for publication by journals and anthologies worldwide, long listed at Glass House Poetry Festival Competition (India, July 2020) and short listed at NZ Heritage Literary Awards (at WORD festival Christchurch, October 2020).


She particularly enjoys writing poems inspired by arts and music. Sherry is also a busy mum of four children.

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