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Sunday 2023-02-12 @ 10:00am-12pm NZST

Sherry Grant




Various Composers

(Classical & Non-Classical)

Co-Host: Bez Rengifo (USA)
Daniel Grant, clarinet (age 15)
Emily Grant, oboe (age 16)
Rebecca (AKA Aspen) Grant, bassoon (age 12)
Zoe Grant, vocal (age 8)

Piano/Poetry Reading: Sherry Grant (NZ)

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* Poetry Reading *
~ LOVE ~
(long rhymed poems and tanka)

I Drown in Your Eyes

— Sherry Grant (Op.3783)


of my life

i will die

without ever tasting

your lips

        Pamela A. Babusci (USA)

the grass

covered with golden leaves

the shape of tears…

autumn deepens

without your footfall 


        — Jackie Chou (USA)

her eyes

his breath caught

at their first sight

is it love

or an invitation


        — Linda Ludwig (USA)

a melancholic

love song

as do the falling

red flowers

into the void


        — Barbara Anna Gaiardoni (Italy)


an old notebook

your name

encircled in

the body of a heart

        — Gillena Cox (Trinidad)

this starry night

he slips a ring

onto her finger

among fields

of green wheat

— Marilyn Humbert (Australia)

Frameless Sky 6 2017

he loves

blondes so she becomes one

she is

quite attracted to baldies

so he shaves his head for her

        — Roberta Beach Jacobson (USA)

shimmering moon

swans gliding through darkness

reflections abound

ducklings rest beneath trees

whilst a lotus blooms 

        — Katherine E Winnick (UK)

Moonink Tanka Anthology

along the edge of clouds

I feel you

shaping my world

in all the softness

a sky can offer



        — C.X.Turner (UK)

love poem to 

the spider in night’s darkness 

(early morning sighs)

gossamer threads of relief 

that you are no cockroach 


— David Cox (China)

grilled meat

between us


over the answer

about the wedding ring


        — Wai Mei Wong (Canada)

blowing kisses

my aim is far

that’s when I meet you …

our love reaching 

to the moon and back


— Bonnie J Scherer (USA)

I loved

against reason…

this slow collapse

of me

into you

        — Reid Hepworth (Canada)

         haikuKATHA, issue 11

pressed between

the pages of my life

those nights

we spent beneath the moon

when all the stars were ours


— Rebecca Drouilhet (USA)

Publication Credits: Atlas Poetica 22

four in the morning

dark and chill

yet outside jasmine blooms

and you are by me


        — Keith Evetts (UK)

this year too

for your birthday

I bake a cake 

with a pinch of salt

from my tears


— Marina Bellini (Italy)

red watermelon for me

while yellow for you

in summer

year after year

we choose each other 

        — Valentina Ranaldi-Adams (USA)

        Blithe Spirit - February 2018

they find a way

to communicate

through shared language,

a few words of english,

and touch


— Mark Gilbert (UK)


First published by Fireflies' Light Issue 23 (Jun-21)

a blank paper

with words in red

the pressed petals

strewn all over his room

in memory of her life

        — Amoolya Kamalnath (India)

sometimes I wait by

the old wall where we spoke

all the grass holds the pink

crumpled crepe myrtle

and lilies not yet sprung

        — Kathabela Wilson (USA)

First published in Bright Stars, 2014

edited by M. Kei

meet me my dearest

somewhere in our past

our future

to share once again

this perfect love


        — Don Baird (USA)

on the beach

a stolen moment

hand in hand

travelling together

beyond the stars


— Clive Bennett (UK)


fill the warm breeze

once more

your promise of

everlasting love


        — Sherry Grant (NZ)


by the door

a mother waits —

the villager's children

trot home from school

        — Christina Chin (Malaysia)


a sky

is blue

i bring



        — ai li (UK)

        from a dark sea by ai li

short walk -

at every step

your young face

and the splendour

of daffodils 



— Frank Williams (UK)


The British Haiku Society (2023)

Anthology 'In Sun Snow & Rain'

the flavor

of melted chocolate

dripping from a cone

this feeling when

you hold my hand


        — Claire Vogel Camargo (USA)

        TSA Anthology 2021

inside his words

there is a world

running deep

its beginning, its ending

the cave of my heart


— Richa Sharma (India)

Cattails, Spring Issue, April 2021

change the shape

a weeping willow

strong storm

the wind in the valley 

now caresses me 


        — Daniela Misso (Italy)

        The British Haiku Society 30th Anniversary Members'

        Tanka Anthology 1990-2020 

we zip

our sleeping bags


you cradle my body

like a crescent moon


— Debbie Strange (Canada)

"Love", British Haiku Society 30th Anniversary Tanka Anthology, 1990-2020

a flash of light…

shining down on mountains'

silent gateway

flowing from ridge to ridge

love spreading


        — Rika Inami (Japan)


iridescent clouds . . .

the unexpected way

you tell me

how much I’ve changed

your life


— Chrissi Villa (USA)

First Place, Mandy's Page Tanka Contest 2017

I'm sitting

silence around me

restlessness in me

the birds are chirping

where are you now


        — Refika Dedić, 

        Bosnia and Herzegovina 

she asks me

if I still love her

the sun’s heat

in the heart

of a stone


— John Hawkhead (UK)

Presence Issue 73

My Little Nightingale

— Sherry Grant (Op.3482)

Sunday 2023-01-01 @ 10:00am-11:30am NZST

Sherry Grant


Piano Music


Ukrainian Composer

Valentin Silvestrov

(PART 2)

Co-Host: Lady Rocket (USA)
Rebecca (AKA Aspen) Grant, vocal (age 12)
Zoe Grant, vocal/piano (age 8)

Piano/Poetry Reading: Sherry Grant (NZ)

Listen on Twitter or a browser:




~ War and Peace ~
(long rhymed poems, haiku, split sequence,
tanka & cherita)

To Dream 

— Sherry Grant (Op.3588)

mass grave

the ash-colored flurry

of cherry blossoms

        — Judit Hollos, Hungary

            Frameless Sky, Issue 16, 2022

fleeing every face a mirror

        — Julie Schwerin

            Frameless Sky, Issue 16, 2022

sunflower fields . . .

there is no one left

to bury the dead

        — Debbie Strange

            Frameless Sky, Issue 16, 2022

crammed platform

awaiting the next train

to anywhere

        — Sunsan Mallarnee

            Frameless Sky, Issue 16, 2022

Broken peace

forgotten lullaby . . .

        refugees piled up

        on top of each other

        train to Poland

on the tin roof

        smell of gunpowder

        each passing moment

        a cold wave

tapping sound of rain

        sobbing child

        at the port of entry

        only strangers

        — Milan Rajkumar & Christine L. Villa

            Frameless Sky, Issue 16, 2022

newborn’s first lullaby glass-shattering


— Daya Bhat, India

            Frameless Sky, Issue 16, 2022

the moon

sliding behind cloud

soldiers noiselessly slid

from the house of a woman

they’ve raped for hours

        — Susan Mary Wade, UK

            Frameless Sky, Issue 16, 2022

weaving a nest

twig by twig...

bombed town

        — Neena Singh, India

            Frameless Sky, Issue 16, 2022

not asking,

when will

we get there?


will we

die, mama?

        — Myron Lysenko, Australia

            Frameless Sky, Issue 16, 2022

victory march

the glorious history

of graveyards

under the general’s statue

a homeless child eats


— John Hawkhead and Hifsa Ashraf

            Frameless Sky, Issue 16, 2022

ring around the rosie

abrupt end

to childhood


to ashes

we all fall down

        — Risë Daniels

            Frameless Sky, Issue 16, 2022

cry for peace

millions of refugees 

say NO to war

— Mohammad Erfun Amin

a poem copied

in Dad's tight cursive ...

we never discussed the war

        — Joseph P. Wechselberger

            Hedgerow, Issue 137

silence in defeat—

the general certifies the dead

as smoke rises

from the mortars and bombs

that killed our sons and daughters

— Michael H. Lester


white poppies ...

I wake up from a dream 

of peace 


(Italian translation)


papaveri bianchi...

mi sveglio da un sogno

di pace

        — Daniela Misso


all the scriptures teach peace

— Nani Mariani


early spring ...

young doves coo

amid war sirens

        — Neena Singh

Yowling cats

And howling dogs

Fights between

The divorced couple

No peace at night

— Zoe Grant (NZ)

(5th International Gogyoshi Anthology)


A snow globe

Perpetual winter

Will the war

Ever end?

        — Sherry Grant (NZ)

I Keep On Dreaming Of Peace

By Sherry Grant (Op.3482)

Monday 2022-12-26 @ 10:00am-12:30am NZST

Sherry Grant


Everything Christmas

with her 4 children

Co-Host: TBC (USA)
Emily Grant, oboe (aged 16)
Daniel Grant, clarinet (aged 14)
Rebecca Grant, bassoon/singing (aged 12)
Zoe Grant, flute/singing (aged 8)

Piano/Poetry Reading: Sherry Grant (NZ)

Listen on Twitter or a browser:




~ Christmas ~
(rengay & haiku)


Tangled in Tinsel


Christmas Downunder

an angel with sunglasses

on top of the tree


the tabby cat

tangled in tinsel 


carols by candlelight 

a family dog with antlers 

that sparkle


children's choice

what drink to leave

for Santa 


so many yummy delights

on the festive table


loud snores

grandpa's party hat

slips over his face


A rengay by Ron C. Moss (Australia) and Lorraine Haig (Australia) 22th December 2022



the new puppy licks

the toddler’s face


— Joseph P. Wechselberger (USA)


silent Christmas

the northern lights 

my dreams

— William Zote (India)


the cat zoomies

with a fake reindeer

— Rupa Anand (India)

one more dream

before dawn breaks ...

Christmas Eve

— Daniela Misso (Italy)

Christmas Eve evening:

the garden centre haunted

by the scent of pine

— Jenny Shepherd (UK)

Christmas light test

trying to untangle 

last year

— Deborah P Kolodji (USA)

bottle rockets #10, Summer 2004

Christmas toast

father’s fingers still pink

with beetroot juice

Minal Sarosh (India)

Failed haiku, A Journal of English Senryu’, Volume 7, Issue 73, January 2022

rush to the hospital

my firstborn comes home

in a Christmas stocking

— Kath Abela Wilson (USA)

tree decorating 

one ornament at a time 

I let go the past

— Jackie Chou (USA)

silent night

three little masked magi

watching the stars

— Florin C. Ciobica (Romania)

brightest star —

sleigh bells warm

the evening chill

— Don Baird (USA)


reflected in the wine glass

a wrecked city

of colored paper

— David Boyer (USA)

merrily we go 

over the snow

sleigh bells

— Christina Chin (Malaysia)


the cockroach nibbles

on Santa's cookie

— Nicholas Klacsanzky (USA)

Failed Haiku, journal of senryu, volume 4, issue 38

A broken bauble -

under the Christmas tree 

the cat looks guilty

— Małgorzata Borzeszkowska (Poland)



holiday gifts

Christmas snowflakes

on our hair

— Claire Vogel Camargo (USA)

the redness of blooms -

adorning the Christmas tree


— Gillena Cox (Trinidad)


the language

of stars

— Ed Bremson (USA)

winter stars

the dandelion seeds 

frozen in time

— Marilyn Ward (UK)

Freshout Magazine 2020

Christmas sunrise

the snowman wears

a red hat

— Mona Bedi (India)

smiley faces 

on all of them….

Ginger bread men!

— Subhashini Jayatilake (Australia)

stargazing . . .

colored lights shine

beneath the snow

— Valentina Ranaldi-Adams (USA)

Stardust Haiku - Issue 36 - December 2019

winter hare

adding more silence

to silence

— John Pappas (USA)

four in the morning it begins with hooves on the roof

— Alan Summers

Presence issue #74 (2022)


under the mistletoe


— Archie Carlos (USA)

full moon 

neighborhood Xmas lights

always the runner up 

— Rehn Kovacic (USA)

Santa’s beard choosing ice-cream flavours

— Sheila Thomas (UK)

baubles and bangles

and silver-wrapped splangles...

the light of many stars

— Mark Gilbert (UK)


one more lamp with

countless stars

— Pravat Kumar Padhy (India)

A Hundred Gourds, 2:2 March 2013 (Ed. Lorin Ford)


sea breeze

the lingering melody

of carols

— Amoolya Kamalnath (India)

Christmas skates . . .

a rainbow of little boots

in the warming hut

— Debbie Strange (Canada)

Failed Haiku 5:60, December 2020

first snow . . .

the children's hangers

clatter in the closet

— Michael Dylan Welch (USA)

From The Haiku Anthology (third edition, 1999), edited by Cor van den Heuvel

Santa's sleigh -

pressed against the glass

few little noses   

— Mirela Brăilean (Romania)


a small kid’s delight in logic puzzles Santa Claus

— Alice Wanderer (Australia)

the tree holding up

the weight of the ornaments

with surprising strength


— Sari Grandstaff (USA)

New Years Eve -

a caterpillar is outlined

in a flower


— Jorge A. Giallorenzi (Argentina)

Christmas night...

no one sees the empty bowl

(Italian translation)

notte di Natale...

nessuno vede la ciotola vuota

— Giuliana Ravaglia (Italy)

Longer Poem 2: All I Want Is You

by Sherry Grant (Op.3010)

  • Total playtime + poetry reading = 120 min

Sunday 2022-12-04 @ 10:00am-12:00pm NZST

Sherry Grant


All Woodwind Music

with her 4 children

Co-Host: Tonya Schutz (USA)
Emily Grant, oboe (aged 16)
Daniel Grant, clarinet (aged 14)
Rebecca Grant, bassoon (aged 12)
Zoe Grant, flute (aged 8)

Piano/Poetry Reading: Sherry Grant (NZ)

Listen on Twitter or a browser:





* Poetry Reading

  • Poem 1: A Little Night Music (rengay) (by Garry Gay/John Thompson/Sherry Grant) (Op.3582)

  • Poem 2: I Drink Deeply (Op.3555)

  • Poem 3: To Light, Fragile Shell (Op.3574)

  • Poem 4: How Weary My Heart (Op.3541)

  • Poem 5: Lucky Throw (rengay) (by Anne Curran/Zoe Grant/Sherry Grant) (Op.3551)

Sunday 2022-11-06 @ 9:00am-11:30am NZST

Sherry Grant


Alexander Scriabin's

Piano Music

(a mini marathon)

to celebrate his

150th Birth Year in 2022!

Co-Host: Moonlight (USA/Taiwan)

Piano Solo/Poetry Reading: Sherry Grant (NZ)

Listen on Twitter or a browser:



Poetry Reading *

This is a special concert I am dedicating to my favourite composer Alexander Scriabin, one week before the International Scriabin 150 Festival. Also my humble tribute to the late festival patron Alexander Serafimovich Scriabin (1947-2022)…

Poem 1: Let Me Through, Op. 3580 

by Sherry Grant

Poem 2: Autumn Chill (a rengay), Op.3586

by Garry Gay, John Thompson & Sherry Grant

Poem 3: The Dragon in Me, Op.3587

by Sherry Grant

Poem 4: Desire & Tender Caress (2 nonaku), Op.1217 & Op.1218

by Sherry Grant

Poem 5: One Last Glance, Op.3162

by Sherry Grant

Total playtime + poetry reading = 90 min

Next concert of all woodwind music will hopefully be streamed on also:


Saturday 2022-10-01 @ 9:00am-11:00am NZST

Sherry Grant


Valentin Silvestrov's

Piano Music

to celebrate his

85th Birthday today!

Co-Host: Vokzman (South Africa)

Piano Solo/Poetry Reading: Sherry Grant (NZ)
* Poetry Reading

This is a special concert I am dedicating to my friend Valentin Silvestrov (Ukrainian composer currently in exile in Germany) as he turns 85 years old today (30 Sept 2022 in Europe)! Part 2 of the concert with a different programme of all Silvestrov piano music will be performed around Chirstmas of 2022. Happy Birthday Maestro! The encore is dedicated to my good friend Yar...

Poem 1: I Am Silence (Op.3540)

by Sherry Grant


Poem 2: The Fog at Dawn (Op.3537)

by Sherry Grant


Poem 3: J'Adore (Op.3261)

by Sherry Grant

Poem 4: To Spring (Op.1579)

by Sherry Grant

Poem 5: One Last Glance (Op.3162)

by Sherry Grant

Total playtime + poetry reading = 80 min

Sunday 2022-08-27 9:00pm-11:00pm NZST

Sherry Grant


Croatian Piano Music

Co-Host: Blockmuse (Ireland)

Piano Solo/Poetry Reading: Sherry Grant (NZ)
Guest Performers: Emily Grant (cor anglais),
Zoe Grant (singing, flute),
Aspen Grant (singing, bassoon),
and Daniel Grant (clarinet)
* Poetry Reading

This is a special concert performing mostly piano music by Croatian composers including a world premiere

Poem: Gone from Your Eyes (Op.3445)

by Sherry Grant


Poem: I Keep On Dreaming Of Peace (Op.3482)

by Sherry Grant

Total play time: about 90 mins

Sunday 2021-05-01 9:30pm-11:30pm NZST

Sherry Grant


New Zealand Piano Music

Host: Anna Bernada Teklic (Croatia/Germany)

Piano Solo/Poetry Reading: Sherry Grant (NZ)


Sherry Performance Programme 

Sun 9:30-11pm 2022-05-01 NZ time, dedicated to all family and friends born in May

Poem: Under Attack (Op.3304) written 2022-04-30

by Sherry Grant

Poem: How You Had Me Fooled, written on 2022-04-28

by Sherry Grant

2021-04-13 10-11:30am NZST

Troubadour from Down Underpresents

Franco-Russian Music Part 1

Host: Anna Bernada Teklic (Croatia/Germany)

Piano Solo/Poetry Reading: Sherry Grant (NZ)



Sherry Performance Programme Wed 10-11am 2022-04-13

(Franco-Russian Part 1, a tribute to Prokofiev for his birthday in April)


Poem: You Give Me Light (Op.3298) written 2022-04-12

by Sherry Grant

Poem: My Heart Lands on a Buttercup (Op.3264) written on 2022-03-05

by Sherry Grant

Troubadour from Down Under
in celebration of
World Piano Day 2022

(charity concert for Ukraine)

streaming from Auckland, NZ

Date: 29 March 2022
London time: 10pm
New York time: 5pm
Pacific time: 2pm
NZ time: 10am, 30 March 2022
Recital Programme
Host: Anna Bernada Teklic (Croatia/Germany)

Piano Solo/Poetry Reading: Sherry Grant (NZ)

present music from

Ukraine (Valentin Silvestrov 1937-)
Russia (Alexander N. Scriabin 1872-1915
Pyotr Tchaikovsky 1840-1893
Sergei Rachmaninoff 1873-1943
Modest Mussorgsky 1839-1881)
Serbia (Miloje Milojević 1884-1946)
Croatia (Ferdo Livadić 1799-1879
Dora Pejačević 1885-1923)


* Poem: Sing Me A Song (Op.2579)


* Poem: Mystic Garden (Op.1121, a nonaku)

* Poem: Come Out, Come Out (Op.3163)

* Poem: October (Op.68)

* Poem: Night Music (Op.2202, a rengay)

* Poem (Desire, Op.1217, a nonaku)

* Poem: Tender Caress (Op.1218, a nonaku)

* Poem: Tears on her Cheeks (Op.3287)

* Poem: Sadness in their Eyes (Op.3160)

* Poem: enso (Op.3096)


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