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Welcome to Sherry Grant's

HSA Rengay Workshop

5-5:50pm, Sunday 13 June 2021 EDT

Below are rengay written during this workshop.

Many thanks to the participants that gave permission to share their rengay here.

Rengay 1


by Maxianne Berger (Outremont, Quebec, Canada) and Karen Harvey, (Pwllheli, Wales, UK)



empty buckets

at the end of the wharf

chatty fishermen


        we build castles made of sand 

        washed away by the next tide



on the island ferry --

honeymoon cruise


yet another

swing around the sun ...

golden wedding



        reflections of moon and stars

        on our ebbing memories


all is well

at the end of the day

hot chocolate

Rengay 2

Fading Away

by Bryan Rickert (br)

Carolyn Bell (cb)

Sidney Bending (sb)

new graffiti                     

over the old

light snow                                - br

        he shouldn’t have           

        touched my lace            - cb

daisy chain                     

under her veil

a pale face                               - sb

        gently together               

        our fingertips                   - br

her shawl falls               

worn tattoos

fleeing secrets                        - cb

        a letter's signature         

        illegible                            - sb


Rengay 3

Fruit Salad

by Jacob Salzer (Vancouver, WA USA)

Wilda Morris (Bolingbrook, IL USA)

Alex Fyffe (Houston, TX USA)

Sunday yogurt

a mountain

of strawberries                                   - js

        blueberry salad

        the stems                                   - wm


grape after grape

for my child                                        - af

        biting into a ripe cherry

        my chocolate dream                - js

eating peaches

sweet from the tree

pesticides                                           - wm

        watermelon seeds

        the salt in my spit                      - af

Rengay 5

Yet to Meet

by Pippa Phillips

John Stevenson 

and Shirley Metzler


under my fingerprints

secondhand book                           - pp


        what we know

        about Ötzi                                 - js

stones and amber

reveal more culture

mountain man                                 - sm


lipstick on the bathroom stall

"I was here"                                       - pp


the difference between

swipe left and

swipe right                                        - js

just a friend

I have yet to meet                           - sm

Rengay 6

Summer Fun

by Susan K. Beard

M.R. Defibaugh

Susan Lee Roberts

ups and downs

the amusement park

merry go round                                  - mrd

        children screens

        happy days                                 - skb

keeping cool

freshly cut

watermelon                                        - mrd

        flute songs float

        over giant lotus                          - slr


mirrors distort

laughter                                             - slr


        is not amused                          - skb

Rengay 7

Rainbow Bridge

by Christine L. Villa (USA)

Claire Vogel Camargo (USA)

snow flurries  

minute after minute  

without her whimper   

        ashes in the urn  

        a feather floats by  

wet pavement  

on my evening walk  

licking my wounds   


from the rainbow bridge  

new friends   

        an evening star 

        keeps me company 


we are not really alone 

but the loneliness 

Rengay 4

Secret Delights

by Adjei Agyei-Baah (aa-b)

Deda Kavanagh (dk)

Jill Lange (jl)

Mark Farrar (mf)

doting mama

hiding meat

under my fufu                                  - aa-b

        she secrets quarters 

        for ice cream sundaes            - dk

a new bag

cracking pistachios

all of them                                          - jl

Guylian seashells

melting in the mouth

sticky fingers                                     - mf

        nudging the shoreline

        summer moon                          - aa-b

in dim light

crabs socialize...

wave music                                       - dk

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