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Last Updated on 07 October 2022


Haiku Tomorrow
(Haiku Down Under)

Zoe & Sherry Grant

About Us 

Sherry (concert pianist/cellist/poet) and her 8-year-old daughter Zoe, are authors of Bat Girl and editors of Chalk on the Walk Haiku / Monoku, Haiku Zoo Journal (for youth) and Raining Rengay. Together they run haiku workshops and regular online international rengay gatherings. Well published at short form journals and frequently interviewed, Zoe won the 2021 International NZPS Haiku Competition (Junior/School) and Sherry won the 2021 Otoroshi Rengay Contest (with co-writer Alan Peat from UK). Their goal is to inspire families to create together, by introducing short form poetry to young people around the world.

Haiku Rules

(1) Keep it briefspecific, capture a haiku moment!

(2) Normally 3 lines but can be in 1, 2, or 4 lines

(3) Instead of 5/7/5 syllables, write short/long/short

(4) Use of 5 senses, "show not tell"

(5) 2 images (juxtaposition for element of surprise)

(6) Go on a haiku walk ("ginko")

(7) Use of season words ("kigo"), or write a senryu 

(8) Use noun more than adjective/verb

(9) Mostly all in lower case & without punctuation

Kigo List

(1) Spring: cherry blossoms, hazy moon, melting snow, warm, (baby animals), etc.

(2) Summer: blazing sun, summer rain, thunder, beach, sunglasses, cicadas, etc.

(3) Autumn: harvest, chilly nights, wild geese, falling leaves, morning glory, etc.

(4) Winter: snow, ice, cold, withered plants, etc.

More Kigo:

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Things You Can Do With Haiku

(1) Make haiku book/greeting card/decoration

(2) Make haiga (haiku + painting or photograph)

(3) Chalk on the Walk Haiku & Monoku!

(4) Submit to Haiku Zoo Journal (for poets under 20) & Raining Rengay and many more!

(5) Make haiku rocks

(6) Write rengay with friends or family

(7) Attend haiku conferences/workshops

(8) Many more possibilities...

What We Do...

(1) Haiku Zoo Journal

(Submission open twice a year, Jan-Mar / Jul-Sep) 


(2) Raining Rengay

(Submission open twice a year, Mar-Apr / Sep-Oct)



(3) International Rengay Gathering

Usually March and September each year, hosted by Z & S, email sherrygrantpoetry(at)gmail(dot)com

(4) Chalk on the Walk Haiku

(Submission all year around, at most once a month per poet, previously published poems preferred)


(5) Chalk on the Walk Monoku

(Submission all year around, at most once a month per poet, previously published poems preferred)


Haiku Examples


snowy night --

the smell of

hot soup

-- Zoe Grant, first prize winning haiku at 2021 NZPS International Haiku Competition (Junior/School Section), also published in 2021 NZPS Anthology


trampoline moss last summer's laughter

-- Sherry Grant, Frogpond, Vol 44:3, Autumn 2021



baby's first toothless smile

-- Sherry Grant, Haiku Column 2021-01-13



- 千秋 (Japanese translation)



of runaway cookies

the mice did it

-- Sherry Grant, Haiku in Action, Week 40 , 2021-10-07


birthday party

a bag of Doritoes

only crumbs left

-- Zoe Grant, Failed Haiku, Issue 71, Nov 2021


yacht race

folded butterfly wings

against the wind

-- Sherry Grant, Asahi Haikuist Network, 2021-08-20



a banana split


-- Zoe Grant, Stardust Haiku, Issue 61, Jan 2022



a fantail's quick

branch switch

-- Sherry Grant, Wales Haiku, Summer 2021


mayfly song

heat of the moment

a heartbeat away

-- Sherry Grant, Wales Haiku, Summer 2021



Easter bunny

waiting for the egg

to hatch

-- Zoe Grant, Stardust Haiku, Issue 65, May 2022




(3rd International Rengay Gathering hosted online by Zoe & Sherry Grant since Sept 2021)

with guest speakers Michael Dylan Welch (USA) & Myron Lysenko (Australia)

(1) Session 1: Rengay with Michael Dylan Welch 

9-11am, Sunday 23 October 2022 (NZ time)

(2) Session 2: Rengay with Myron Lysenko

7-9pm, Sunday 23 October 2022 (NZ time)

Free registration by 22 Oct 2022, email sherrygrantpoetry(at)gmail(dot)com



Haiku poets Invited to present include:
John Stevenson, Garry Gay, John Thompson, Ron C. Moss, Sherry & Zoe Grant and more...

Email: scriabin150(at)gmail(dot)com

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