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The Authors



Zoe Grant

Zoe Grant, born in Auckland (NZ) in 2014, is six years old at the time her debut poetry collection ‘Bat Girl’ is published.


She started writing poetry with her mother Sherry Grant since June 2020 (as NZ came out of its first COVID-19 lockdown) and has since provided her mother with much inspiration.


All of the poems included in this book were either inspired by Zoe’s artworks or written at least partially by her.


Zoe plays the piano. She also loves to dance impromptu and sing her own made-up songs. Zoe enjoys writing poetry, drawing and helping Mummy around the house. 


Sherry Grant

Sherry Grant, originally from Taiwan, is a NZ classical cellist, pianist and poet. Her recent projects include the ‘War and Peace’ Arts & Music Festival (May 2019) and ‘100 Years Journey’ Concert Tour (October 2019) in which music, arts, and poetry were combined.


In 2019, she organized 14 concerts, 12 of which she performed in, and 10 of which were with principal violists from USA and NZ, premiering 5 new viola works written for her.

Sherry started her journey of poetry writing on 4th June 2020. Within a year, she has written over 2,000 poems in various poetry forms. Among these poems, over 150 of them were accepted for publication by journals and anthologies worldwide, some of her poems are in translation to 20 different languages.


Sherry was a short listed poet at the NZ Heritage Literary Awards (at WORD festival Christchurch, October 2020).


She has been invited by the Haiku Society of America (HSA) to present a rengay workshop at the 2021 virtual conference.


Sherry particularly enjoys writing poems inspired by the arts and music. She is also a busy mum of four children.


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