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The first Hindemith/Copland International Music Festival was supposed to take place live in Boston (USA) in 2020 for Hindemith’s 125th birthday and Copland’s 120th birthday.


As Covid hit last year, all plans fell apart. 

This event will now be held online between

14-16 Nov 2021

using zoom, Facebook and YouTube. 

No live concerts, but there will be a sharing of interviews, interactive score study and work analysis sessions, music videos and likely some essays.

This festival is designed as an opportunity for composers with Hindemith/Copland heritage to connect, for the performers to exchange ideas and also to introduce Hindemith/Copland and their pupils’ music to a wider audience.

Enjoy it, and participate !

Sherry Grant (NZ)

Cellist, pianist and poet

Organizer of the Festival


The definitive and detailed schedule of the first Hindemith/Copland International Music Festival - Edition 2021 will be available here very soon.

Please check back hereunder for the regular updates of our schedule :

to the Festival Schedule page >
(provisory version at 25/10/2021

- subject to change)


I feel very grateful, for the distinguished American composer


Samuel Adler >

(pupil of both Hindemith and Copland) will be joining us as the festival patron. 

I will be interviewing Mr Adler to talk about his composing career and his connection to H&C at the start of November. This interview will then be broadcast online on 14 Nov (Copland’s birthday).

During the festival, we will share videos online — selected music by Hindemith, Copland and their many generations of pupils.
We will close the festival on Hindemith’s birthday with Mr Adler joining us for a live Zoom discussion of Hindemith and Copland’s music - and his advice for younger composers.
As a new poet myself, I invite participation of poets if you are interested in finding out more about these composers’ music. Same goes for my artist friends!

to Mr Adler's Biography page >




— especially for MUSICIANS/COMPOSERS/MUSIC SCHOLARS around the world !

Composer, musicians and scholars out there: email me your submission of essays about Hindemith or Copland’s music. 

Please keep it under 1000 words, and attach a short bio (100 words or less) with the maximum of 2 links. 

For longer essays you may submit a link to your online publication for the general public to access. 

Alternatively, especially for musicians and composers, please submit a short introductory video (20 minutes or under) of your performance(s) and talking about your experience performing H&C’s music, or their pupils’ music. 

In the video please briefly introduce yourself and the pieces you are talking about/performing. 

If you have performance of Hindemith/Copland/H&C Pupil on YouTube or Vimeo, please submit those links for publishing too.

If your essay/video submission is accepted (limit of 1 per person please, but submission of both types from same person welcome) you will be notified when it is to be broadcast online. 

Please remember to include a short cover letter to explain your submission. 

Schedules yet to be announced. 

We will accept submissions

until 11pm of 11 Nov 2021 NZ Time.


Any query should be directed to


This is a FREE online event, but registration essential. 

Registration of interest as listener closes at midday 13 November 2021.


For speakers or if you have essay/video submission, please register/submit material by 11pm 11 Nov 2021. 

Email to and please put either SUBMISSION and/or REGISTRATION in the subject, along with your name and country.

Note: All the time mentioned is NZ Time, please convert to your own time zone.


This is an initiative by
Sherry Grant (NZ)

- cellist, pianist and poet originally from Taiwan. 


Donation to this project is welcome and greatly appreciated, please email for details.

International sponsors are welcome.





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