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International Scriabin 150 Festival
* Online *
11-13th November 2022
(10am - 6pm, Eastern Time)

Welcome to the International Scriabin 150 Festival website. I am your host, festival artistic director Sherry Grant from New Zealand, bringing this festival to you in conjunction with the Scriabin Society of America where I hold the position as International Liaison.











Alexander Scriabin (1872 - 1915) was a Russian pianist and composer who composed mostly for the piano and orchestra.


Scriabin's early music was tonal and romantic, heavily influenced by the music of Frédéric Chopin. However, his later works became increasingly atonal and with his synesthesia he developed a system to associate colour with music.

Scriabin was also a poet who took keen interest in philosophy and theosophy. His mysticism was based on his vision of the artist's role in the world and his belief of art with transcendental intentions.

It is therefore this festival committee's wish to not only be taking this opportunity of Scriabin's 150th birthday to celebrate his achievement as a pioneer of a musician, but also delve into his world of poetry, philosophy, theosophy which formed his beliefs and unique music. 

The three poetry books authored by Sherry Grant for publication by November 2022, will be dedicated to Scriabin and comprised of 300 love / sensual poems. 


Over the three days of this festival, musicians, artists, poets, philosophers, theosophists and scientists will gather to give presentation, recitals, panel discussions. The entire event will be online, presented as a mixture of pre-recorded videos, live masterclasses, student recitals and live panel discussions over Zoom. Apart from our special guests, highlight of the festival is world premiere of the "Scriabin in Himalayas" film (2017). Registrants are encouraged to join the Scriabin Society of America (Aka SSA, open to international members).

Please note that all times on the programme are in Eastern time (USA) -- convert to your own time zones to avoid disappointment. We will stream the pre-recorded videos on Youtube in real time for the public. SSA members will have access to the videos even after the festival.

The Call for Paper has now closed -- you can find the November festival schedule HERE. Registration of interest for future events or questions can be sent to scriabin150(@)gmail(.)com.

Registration is essential for attendees. Please refer to registration page. Also join our mailing list there.

The Scriabin 150 Poetry Competition is now open for submission (to scriabin150(@)gmail(.)com by 31 August 2022, please check the submission guidelines first) with 3 categories, haiku/senryu, haiga and rengay judged by the top haiku poets of today. The competition results will be announced on day 2 of the festival.

Please save the dates of 11th - 13th November 2022, daily at 10am - 6pm Eastern time if you would like to take part in this big end-of-the-year party to celebrate Scriabin's 150th birthday! Please head off to the (moderated) Forum page (open from August 2022 on Facebook) to leave your comments, as we would love hearing from you! 

Your generous donation and sponsorship are most welcome, for details please head to Stores page (coming in March 2022). We aim to connect Scriabin experts and enthusiasts. Look forward to meeting you online for this exciting event!

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